Night of the Demons [2009] – Blu-ray Disc Review

October 11, 2010 – 8:54 PM - Posted by: Justin Sluss

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Blu-ray Disc Review

3.5 out of 5 starsThe Movie Itself has an average rating of 5.1 on IMDb
4 out of 5 starsVideo Quality 1080p in AVC MPEG-4 on a 25gb disc
4 out of 5 starsAudio Quality
DTS-HD 5.1 MA / Dolby Digital 5.1
1.5 out of 5 starsBonus Materials are brief but ALL in Hi-Def
Rated:R (Restricted)
Year: – 2009
Length: – 93 minutes
Studio:E1 (Entertainment ONE)
Region:Region 1 (A)
Street Date: October 19th, 2010
This uses 17.1GB for the movie out of 21.0GB total.

Overall VerdictWorth A Look

Buy it for $14.99 @
Buy it for $14.99 @

— Review written by: Justin Sluss


The Movie Itself is a remake of the 1988 film of the same title. This remake was directed by Adam Gierasch. The plot to the film is simple enough, it takes place during Halloween in New Orleans. A girl named “Angela” (played by Shannon Elizabeth) throws a Halloween party in this huge old house that has a complicated past involving something similar many years ago. We see this in the form of a flashback in a silent film-style as the introduction to the film. Angela has invited a lot of friends to the party, and some folks show up that she didn’t invite like a drug dealer by the name of “Colin” (played by Edward Furlong). The other main characters (party guests) include “Maddie” (played by Monica Keena), “Suzanne” (played by Bobbi Sue Luther), “Jason” (played by John F. Beach), and “Dex” (played by Michael Copon). The party goes on for quite a bit and this isn’t a spoiler to tell you this, but it ends up getting shut down by the police and those folks I mentioned above somehow manage to all get trapped (locked in by the fence) in that house for the night. After the party is over, the host Angela and the drug dealer Colin have to make their way to the basement to replace a fuse as the power has went out. While they are searching for the fusebox through the basement they manage to come across a hidden room, in that room they find the skeletal remains of seven human beings. This at first makes our host Angela giddy in a Halloween cool “spooky” sense but when she gets close to one of the corpses it manages to bite her finger. This begins the real horror element of the film.

I have to admit, I never saw the original film from 1988 this is a remake, nor the 2 sequels it spawned but this came across to me as a pretty decent horror flick; especially for only reportedly being shot on a $10 million budget. The make-up, special effects and CG all look decent and manage to get the job done. The silent film-style intro and flashback are both really cool in that retro sepia tone sense. The director of this described it as the type of “horny punk rock movie I wanted to see when I was 17-years-old” in an interview at this year’s Comic-Con and you’ll understand what he means after seeing the film. He managed to do a pretty good job at accomplishing that. The acting here is obviously a lot better I’d say than the original 1988 version since it has some bigger names in the cast. I’d say this proves to definitely be “Worth A Look” (hence my overall verdict) and is worth a rental at least or possible purchase (since it’s only $15 on Amazon) for this Halloween.

Video Quality on this release is in full 1080p using the AVC MPEG-4 codec on a BD-25 (25 gigabyte single layer Blu-ray Disc) in the 1.78:1 aspect ratio. According to IMDb‘s technical specifications under aspect ratio this was shot on 16mm film which gives it a very gritty, grainy softer feel to it like old horror films from the 1980’s — which this is after all a remake of. That 16mm style this has translates pretty decent for a modern film transfered to Hi-Def and as I mentioned totally fits the film’s visual style perfectly. This definitely holds a good consistent amount of film grain, contains a good amount of detail (especially in close-ups). Fleshtones here are accurate with a tad bit of female topless nudity included to show off as a good example. The color palette is actually pretty vibrant at times, although a tiny bit subdued and the black level here is solid. The movie starts up with a “silent film”-style intro as well as goes back to a flashback later in the film in that same style and those shots really look pretty believable with their post-production effects and obvious sepia tone. The make-up, special effects and CG work actually hold up pretty well here, even if it was shot in 16mm, it is now transferred to Hi-Def and shows off a bit more detail (as mentioned above). There’s a few tiny flaws like some blocknoise 56 minutes in where you’ll see it in a halo ring around the characters. This blocknoise (halo ring) problem only lasts a minute or two though, so it’s not totally worth deducting from the video quality for it; just worth mentioning. Overall the visual presentation does the film justice, earning it a solid “4 Star Rating” for overall video quality.

Audio Quality on this release is presented in DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio and Dolby Digital 5.1 @640kbps. One the things that stands out in this mix is the film’s Soundtrack of horror and Halloween themed rock and punk songs, which set the mood perfectly as does the original music done by Joseph Bishara and both get excellent rear channel and LFE (bass) bass presence throughout. The dialogue here is delivered very dead-on (pun intended) and never will require any volume adjustments what-so-ever. It doesn’t take very long into the film for the sound to really grab a few scares out of the audience. This has a pretty solid audio presentation, with some highlight moments in the 5.1 mix and earns a “4 Star Rating” for overall audio quality.

Bonus Materials are ALL presented in 1080i & 1080p Hi-Def video quality. The sound quality varies but is mostly in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo @640kbps — with the exception of the film’s trailer which gets 5.1 treatment.

  • Audio Commentary with Actors Monica Keena, Boobi Sue Luther, John F. Beach, Writer/Director Adam Gierasch, and Writer Jace Anderson
  • Behind The Bloodbath: A Look Inside Night of the Demons” (18:21 – 1080p HD) features Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound @640kbps. This behind-the-scenes featurette proves to be very worthwhile if you enjoyed the film. Interviews and behind-the-scenes footage are found here with all of the cast members, even Shannon Elizabeth & Edward Furlong — the two bigger names.
  • Comic-Con 2010 Introduction” (1:07 – 1080i HD) features Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound @640kbps. This is rather brief and has an intro by the film’s Director Adam Gierasch who has a pretty rockin’ mustache — if I may be as bold and blunt as to say so. He (Gierasch) goes as far as to say the film is the “horny punk rock movie I wanted to see when I was 17-years-old“.
  • Trailer (1:23 – 1080i HD) features Dolby Digital 5.1 @640kbps sound.

Overall, the bonus materials are rather brief to be quite honest but they are ALL presented in Hi-Def and feature really a high bitrate Dolby Digital audio. You get a total of roughly around 22 minutes of supplemental materials in the form of featurettes, trailer and then you also get an audio commentary track which is worth checking out if you enjoyed the film. There’s enough here to leave fans pretty mildly pleased with the bonus materials.

Blu-ray Disc packaging:


NOTE: The full-sized 1920×1080 files are in a .PNG file format and uncompressed. Be PATIENT with the loading times, as you should keep in mind that these files are (on average) at least 1MB (1 megabyte) in size each.

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  2. Is the disc region-locked A, or does it work with players from other regions?

    By JCB on Oct 17, 2010

  3. Do you know if the disc is really region A locked?

    By JCB on Oct 17, 2010

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